Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi, everyone. You may have noticed that it's been about 4 weeks since my last post. I took a break from everything. Eating healthy, exercising, blogging...all of it. A friend of mine put it best when I explained it to her. She said that I needed to "recharge" and that's how I feel. I was getting bored. Everything felt stagnant and I was ready to quit all together. The plan was to take two weeks off to get my head together. Those two weeks stretched into 4. I was having a hard time finding my enthusiasm for this journey I started. I needed to reassess my goals and my life. To "recharge"

I did and I decided that it is a journey that I just can't afford to cut short. I need to keep going. The amount of weight I lost so far is a huge amount and I don't want to lose the progress I've already made. I figured that I better get back into those good habits now before the Christmas holiday starts. Because I love all those holiday cookies and candies. Ohmigosh, the fudge alone will kill me..LOL

Now the good news is that during my 4 week break, I didn't gain anything. I actually lost a pound!! I think that was just that some of the habits I had learned during my journey stuck with me even when I didn't want them.

Today I started the new WW program call PointsPlus. It's different and is really promoting protein over carbs now. Good point is that fruit is now 0 points. Yippee!! But it will be an adjustment because all of the high fiber items I was eating at 1 point each are now 3 points. But, you know, this may be the best thing for me. It will force me to change the way I eat and shake up my metabolism. And I could really use that! I mean, who couldn't, right?..LOL

I also started the EA Sports Active 2 game for the Wii today. My sister, Shawna, and brother-in-law, Victor, shelled out the $99 to buy me that for my birthday. Isn't that the sweetest thing?!! This version of the game comes with a leg band and an arm band that track your movements which frees your hands up. No more controllers and wires to get in the way. So happy!! You do have to use the controller on just a few of the 70 plus exercises the game offers but I can live with that. It's a huge improvement over the previous version. And to top it off, the arm band contains a heart monitor. You can watch your heart on the TV with the game. You can also workout with people online, join workout groups online, etc. It's a whole new world of exercise and I'm so excited about it.

It seems to me that the new WW plan and the new game came out at just the right time. I needed a change. I needed motivation. I needed something to shake me up and I think they will do it.

Don't you all think a 10 lbs loss for Christmas sounds like a great present from Santa?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bite Me Halloween!!

I actually forgot to weigh in yesterday. Truly forgot. What does this mean? Am I giving up already? Has this lost some importance in my life? Am I over this journey? Nah, I think it just meant I was busy worrying about being unemployed, money, my son getting in trouble in preschool and all the other normal day to day worries of the average woman.

But back to the weight issue. I gained 2 lbs!! Ugh. So annoyed. And I blame Halloween ergo the title of this post...LOL I love sweets and having candy around the house is definitely proving too tempting to resist. So I have a new deal with more than two small pieces of chocolate a day until it is gone. That's it. I have to learn to live with having tempting treats around and not eating them all at once.

I've been reminded that it could be water retention. I haven't been good when it comes to drinking my water so I'm getting back on that again.

Boils down to this: I lost the 2 lbs before and I can do it again. It's just a bump in the road on this journey..not the end.

Now let's hope that Hubby eats all the candy quickly!! LOL

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Fashion Angel

If you have ever lost weight, you know the joy of buying new, stylish clothes in a smaller size. The feeling of euphoria that washes over you when you can easily button those smaller jeans. The smile that lights up your face when you try on a dress that isn't an A-line (nothing wrong with the A-line..just tired of it when it is the only cut that looks okay on me!). That sweetest moment when you get to say to the salesperson "May I see this in a smaller size?" Oh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

When you lose a lot of weight and go down many, many sizes, you get to have that joy numerous times. Usually that is the part I can't wait for, the part I'm longing for, and the part that makes it all worthwhile. I know, I know. You are all saying "Isn't better health, playing with the kids, and all that stuff you've been spouting off about more important?". Well, yes, to a point..LOL But when you love clothes as much I do, new clothes is what makes my little materialistic heart flutter. Not to mention that you have a great excuse to buy them that even the most frugal of husbands can't argue. Unless, of course, he wants you to walk around naked. But Lady Godiva, I ain't! LOL

Unfortunately, I haven't been as excited about that part during this journey. It's hard to get excited about wearing smaller clothes when you know that you just can't afford to buy new ones. I'll just have to wear the clothes I've held on to that are either really worn already, completely outdated or just not "I'm-smaller-let's-celebrate-new". I've been unemployed for a year on the 13th of this month. It really sucks because we can't afford a lot of things we used to be able to buy when I was working. And new clothes fall way down on the list of necessities. I have kids that need new clothes and they always come first.

But my own little Fashion Angel has shined a little light down on me. A friend of mine, another "fat chick", is on a journey of her own. She has always been smaller than me and is dropping down a size or two ahead of me. She sent me an e-mail and asked if I wanted the clothes she is no longer able to wear. I jumped on that offer because she has always been stylish so I know the clothes will be cute. And while they aren't brand-new with tags, they are new to me! I love me some hand-me-downs. Especially when they are nice, stylish hand-me-downs from my very own Fashion Angel.
I'm so excited!! I have something to look forward to as I drop weight. Another goal to strive towards! And I won't have to worry about what I'm going to wear as I lose weight and just enjoy the journey. Plus, I can put a little money toward things like new undergarments. Let me just say that big panties are so annoying!! LOL

To my Fashion Angel (and you know who you are) thank you so much for sharing this journey with me...and your closet! Mwah!!


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