Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bite Me Halloween!!

I actually forgot to weigh in yesterday. Truly forgot. What does this mean? Am I giving up already? Has this lost some importance in my life? Am I over this journey? Nah, I think it just meant I was busy worrying about being unemployed, money, my son getting in trouble in preschool and all the other normal day to day worries of the average woman.

But back to the weight issue. I gained 2 lbs!! Ugh. So annoyed. And I blame Halloween ergo the title of this post...LOL I love sweets and having candy around the house is definitely proving too tempting to resist. So I have a new deal with more than two small pieces of chocolate a day until it is gone. That's it. I have to learn to live with having tempting treats around and not eating them all at once.

I've been reminded that it could be water retention. I haven't been good when it comes to drinking my water so I'm getting back on that again.

Boils down to this: I lost the 2 lbs before and I can do it again. It's just a bump in the road on this journey..not the end.

Now let's hope that Hubby eats all the candy quickly!! LOL



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