Wednesday, April 10, 2013

90 Day Challenge Update

I have completed 15 days of my 90 day challenge.  I've worked out 13 of the 15 days.  I can't believe it.  I'm still amazed because this is so different for me. But I have to admit, I'm definitely falling in love with exercising.  Such a weird thing for me to say...LOL  I've even upped the exercise from what they have listed for the day.  For example, day 15 was supposed to be the Pump & Burn 30 minute workout.  That just isn't enough.  I don't feel like I've completely worked out.  So I changed it to the 55 minute workout and I loved every extra minute of it.  Tonight is the Combat 60.  I've never done that one so I'm excited to see if I can hang.  I'm actually looking forward to being a sweaty, exhausted mess.  Life takes some pretty weird turns, huh? 


Leslie said...

Yes, yes it does. Those endorphins, man. They get you hooked every time! Keep up the good work! You're going to be fit and trim and the world - I don't think we're ready for that!

Anonymous said...

Too awesome, Tricia! I know exactly what you mean! I used to loathe I anticipate a good workout. you are an inspiration!! Roberta


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